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  • btw i just got the okay to reopen HA, im going to try to make the topic for the signups/occ today since it has been in active for who knows how long now and it dosnt seem to be going anywhere i asked Orion and he said it was no problem. You dont have to make new characters or temps, your still going to be able to use your character where you left off.
    erhmm, Sora. I have one little problem with your temp. You are specializing in Fighting PKMN. BoneChill already has taken that. I will be taking Normal and have already taken Dragon. Lunar is taking Ice. Be sure to see what others have selected as their Gym types before you repick. that way I dont have to be a nag again. thx :)
    way too much to type, just read up. we are in the third chapter in Soul Eater, and in KH.. we just finished at Haloween town .
    you uh got you internet fixed huh, well that is great, Soul eater and KH apocolypse await....
    Yo bro we need a post form you in the One is All, All is One RP its time to head to Rush Valley man'g!
    Hey in soul eater, its your turn to post. its been your turn to post and we need you too due to the fact that your holding up the rp. until you guys get here we can't very well go anywhere. This is getting stupid so at the very least throw up a few paragraphs to get to where we all are. Don't mean to sound rude but i've been waiting for 2 weeks now for you and tenyas and its irritating cuz everyone else is on top of things and you aren't (Tenyas said she'd post in the next few days so i don't need to write this speech on her wall). If you've got stuff in life thats keeping you busy we'll understand. just give me or abs pp over your char until you return so we can keep things moving. Just not posting for a month isn't respectful to anyone in the rp
    Yo bro post in the One is All, All is one RP time to meet up wiht Jack and duke it out.
    That RP sign up you posted... just so you know, you might not get too many people without actually having a plot set up for it.
    cool add me, valdes.edward@hotmail.com, pm me when you need to think of somthing and ill help you out
    lol well if you ever need help brain storming ask me i wont mind, also do you have a instant messenger??
    Okay here we go this for example (if you have a IM i can help you better)
    I summon my keyblade and back up some.

    (this is using some of your post from before)
    Well holding his sholder with Sora's left hand and told him in cold uncaring words "Im sorry but i have to kill you" The wind carryed his words threw out the forest of dead trees. Suddenly Soras right hand moved behind his back. He tightend it, and then a bright flash of light appeared for a breif second. the light vanished reaviling his keyblade.

    (Im guessing hes just a wearworlf or somthing)
    His eyes turn a bright red.
    Then his fur starts to bristle up and he advances toward me.

    The wearwolf, could hear the noise of somthing appearing and knew he was indanger, suddenly his eyes began to turn a red as bright as an apple, but as dark as blood. His skin started turning into a dark brown fur. He was changing... Suddenly he turned around and was about to strick Sora with his hand, which had now grown into a claw with razor sharp nails.

    Instictively I strike him with the keyblade causing him to fly backwards.

    Sora jumped back, and with instinctive actions, he ran up to the wolf and struck him with his keyblade. The force between the keyblade and his body sent him flying backwards.

    He stands up and shakes off the dirt of his fur.

    The wearwoolf stood up and howled to the moon in pain, he then patted the dirt off his fur, he looked at Sora with thirst in his eyes.. he got down to the floor, and started running at Sora on all fours.

    I get ready once again as he prepares to attack.

    Sora saw him coming taking his stance as the wolf came after him faster and faster. He held out his keyblade and the wolf was about to attack.

    Now look at all that detail XD
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