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  • mmmm i think i'll pass on that. I don't know anything about that show and i'd be mucking everything up with my ignorance! but you should ask Abs. He LOVES that show
    I'll have you come in as soon as the meeting is over. I'll be sending your character along with a couple others on a special mission. So sit tight just a wee bit longer my man.
    So the task. Hmmm. Well I would avoid 1Gannon1. The reason no-one else is posting is because Bone has forbidden me from continuing into Chapter:2.
    Maybe awakening your Keyblade. So make some closer friends with people. Like me (Omega) or some other Halloween Town people.
    Thats a pretty good first post and i have an idea for you. In the beginning of the rp we all went on a mission that was like an intro. it didn't really tie into the story or anything it just showed us what the character could do and their relationship with their partner and such. Like Henry and Brii in london before they met Gear. So while we're on our big mission you can post about yours. Be creative and descriptive!
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