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  • Haha, yeah, exactly my intention as well. The real deal will begin once Pokebank is online. People will migrate their past Pokemon that are unobtainable in XY and breed them to have perfect IVs...

    ... well, that's what I'm intending to do. I've got a number of great Pokemon in W2 that either aren't in XY or I haven't found in anyone's Safari yet. Once I've transferred them, it should be fun... haha.
    Hey Sign, how are you? Hope you've been doing well. :)

    Just want to let you know that I've added your 3DS FC... yeah, just now. I should've done that as soon as you added yours in that table, but I've been so into White 2 I forgot at all about Generation VI. PWT is just so addictive!
    Thank you kindly.

    So far all is well, now I'm off to work. Depending on workload today, I may or may not be able to take a peek in here. ;)
    Hi, hope you're doing well. ^__^

    Two weeks have passed and it's time to update the thread title again, this time to 51. ;)
    Hi there, two weeks passed and it's time for the next chapter, so I have to ask to update the title of the thread to chapter 50. ^__^
    My internet is fixed now!! It's probably too late now, but is there anything left over or missed out that you still need me to do?
    Heh, nope, better not. The cases where I came over as unneccessarily rude/condescending in some threads was enough for me, lol.

    And besides I would be quite a weird friend if I treated people impolitely when requesting something. ;)
    Since there's apparently a limit on how many times members can edit the title of a thread, I need to politely ask you to change the title of my FanFic thread from chapter 47 to chapter 49. Yep, 49 is the newest. ;)

    Thanks in advance.
    Sounds cool anyway i just got the new POKeMOn Y today have u got it ? it cost meh ?37:00 0-0 if i was to get the other to that would be 74:98 :O
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