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  • Just letting you know, I maybe off around here. That doesn't mean haven't forgotten about this special place. I'll make sure you'll end up with the rest.
    More about the 999 crew would have been great, but oh well. Really do,with there was a D team epilogue as well, hues I just need to make up my own happily ever after :/


    I called the ring too! Oh my god the Junpei and So and interactions were so perfect, and I'm glad that Carlos got paired with them because he was definitely a good guy who drew more out of the two of them.

    That Mira and Eric theory.... Holy shit, that makes so much sense. Yeah, those two were the only two I was like "yeah, these guys escaped, but... They are not okay for the real world. That theory makes so much sense though, especially with their epilogue.

    And yeah, the Sigma Phi thing turned out perfect. It was really touching despite their past banter haha.

    And yeah, the puzzles were awesome. Not as challenging as VLR in my opinion, but definitely more akin to 999.

    I did not walk away disatisfied. On the contrary, I've kind of been in a gaming funk since finishing it because nothing quite compared.
    What were your overall thoughts on it? I loved it, so sad it's over :/
    I marathoned almost all night last night and most of today, I'm thinking I'm almost done based on my current flowchart!
    Hey, Taochan. How's it going? I've been away for like a good month or so but I'm back (not that anyone cares)
    What have you been up to lately?
    That's a really super optimistic thing to say lol. XD

    I think we need some open-minded optimism every now and again.

    See the cover for V.E. Schwab's 'A Conjuring of Light' | EW.com

    Oh my gosh, it's lovely. <3
    Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Taochan~ *drops in*

    How're you doing these days?
    Seeing as how you're the only person I know that would have eaten poutine in its country of origin, I figured you'd be the person to ask this:
    You just own the Vita version then? I haven't been able to see if there are any differences either, shame they don't have the trophy list shared though. But cheaper sounds better lol thank you!

    PS I don't know if you saw any of my posts about my Persona journey this past semester, but since you helped me get into it all as well, though I'd tell you it's honestly my favorite series now =3 it narrowly beat out Kingdom Hearts after all these years.
    In my circumstance, since I didn't buy a Vita but a PSTv, I'll still be playing it on the big screen anyway. I actually have that and my PS3 in the same room lol
    I think I already asked you, but which version of Steins;Gate is better, the Vita or the PS3 one? Reasons besides the price at least, the Vita one is nearly half the price
    Hmmm... nope, no moose pokemon yet. But hey, they've made pokemon regions based on New York City and Hawaii now, so maybe Canada will have it's time in a future generation too? Then we'll get a moose pokemon for sure.

    Canada is definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to putting animals on their coinage. Here in the U.S. it's mostly dead people and historical buildings. Actually I think the only animal is the Eagle on our quarter.
    Wow. Currency with a beaver on it. Oh, and a couple of maple leafs too! Neat. I guess Bidoof really is the most Canadian Pok?mon. Lol.

    Thanks for showing me something new, Taochan!
    I swear are you trying to avoid me tao-chan? what's wrong with chatting with me? is it because you're a administrator now? please answer
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