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  • lol well ironically I would choose any other type of drink (except milk) over water, but I'm starting to drink more of it now.
    lol I had to have some substitute. Basically I started it when I was little and now it's like why don't people use water with everything xD
    :3 teeheehee. yeah. so did i.

    i just wish i didn't have to deal with the jokes through elementary school. :c
    i just went to an iggy pop concert.

    and i love him.

    you have competition, now.
    I would just remove the torrent after you're done downloading it. Though it does upload when you are downloading, so I'll check into trying to turn it off.

    thepiratebay.org is the best site out there. If they don't have it, it's unlikely anyone else does. Also, when you search, make sure to sort by seeders, so you get better download times.
    Alright, here is the last part.

    You can right click on a torrent, go to "bandwidth allocation," and set it to "high". Make sure you turn it back to normal after you're finished downloading (if you plan on seeding), so you don't have something that's seeding taking up your bandwidth.
    yeah that was me. It took me awhile to type up, I'm pissed that it's gone :/.

    But, here's what I put (basically, it's paraphrased):

    So, first things first. Have uTorrent open.

    Now that we have that obvious step out of the way, time for everything else.

    Hit Ctrl+P, it should lead you to the preferences menu (or you can go options->preferences, but whatever), and go to the "BitTorrent" tab. Under this, near the bottom, you should see "Protocol Encryption." Set "Outgoing" to "Forced" and check the box next to "Allow incoming legacy connections."

    Next, go to "Transfer Cap" (still under preferences), and make sure IT IS NOT enabled.

    Next, under "Bandwidth," you can change settings like the maximum number of connections, and the maximum number of connected peers per torrent. If you're not connecting to the number of peers you would like to, then raise that number. I would also recommend you make sure the "use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%" is checked.

    There's one more thing, I'll edit in a few.
    I weigh more than that...

    I know a lot of people who joke about being skinny.

    I don't think that those two things can seem hilarious...

    I'm not that bad a person, Justinnnnnnn......

    I tried excercise to lose weight a while ago, but it didn't seem to do much...
    I love how you listed masturbation and homosexuality alongside all those bad things. :p

    Still not interested.

    How are you, by the way?
    Yeah... Right... I'll totally go see that!

    To tell the truth, you haven't got me very interested...
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