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  • oh lol. that's awesome. i see what you mean. my teacher doesn't really give very difficult music or anything much to improve me because we have to balance it between the upcoming new students. so most of the time i feel like i haven't gotten any better either. lol.
    got it! :D
    didn't know there was an org one, xD

    i think olette shoulda been 6th place,

    im glad it's only 6 people and that the start number wasn't incredibly high [ilke 100] so the rounds don't drag on forever! xD [like in the OP lol]
    yeah! man, namine vs. aqua is gonna be tough! >~< ;~;
    glad we got xixi out lol.

    except everytime someone posts he/she posts ! BAW


    we can take out xion if we post really repeteadly!

    if i post now, you post right after!

    but if i post now the xion fan just nulls the attack!!
    i've been playing the flute for six years. i've also started playing the piccolo this year.
    Oh wow, sorry for the late response. I was busy doing stuff for a bit, and then it got buried under some other messages, which I'm not used to.

    But anyways, it's amazing how some tiny mistake like that can impact your entire life. I am thinking that I'll pursue it it some regard, even if it's not something that I major/ minor in. I've already decided that I am definitely going to Germany sometime in my life though, so that's not too bad.

    How else are you doing lately?
    Man that sucks, but I'm at home now, and not a snowflake in sight. We lucked out xD how about you?
    I took it in eighth grade because I didn't like Spanish or French, and decided I really enjoyed it. I'm in my fourth year of it in high school now, and I'm thinking about minoring in it, or something. Besides, I've always liked language and words and all that, so it's nice.

    What about you, how did you get into it?
    :3 thanks. And yeah i take requests, just as long as you give me a decent quality picture, preferably something bigger then 450x300 xDD. also, no more then one image, such a hassle to get it to look good lol
    aye, true dat. lol

    Well, laterz. I gots to get home and watch me some Gundam 00. X9 Then power-nap for a few hours, and then finish it before Tuesday. Heh.
    Meat Stocking... lunchmeat and the like. I'm on light duty because of a work related injury, though... >.> I kinda popped my back, beneath my shoulder blade... so they've been trying to screw me out of my hours...

    The bills will get payed, but... it will leave me with nothing to splurge on, I guess... :p
    Ah... I understand. The only reason I'm up and dling stuff is because it's a day off for me. lol

    Gotta go back to work Tuesday... and then I get two more days off. XD but paycheck's going to be incredibly light. T^T
    I made a promise to myself that I'd dl the rest of Gundam 00 and watch it over the course of the day... which means basically not going to sleep. :p
    Thanks for the responses, and keeping me company through the last few hours of my downloading session, lol. You certainly helped to keep me from being bored. XD
    You're welcome, it was definitely deserved for liking Catch-22 though.

    And Catcher is pretty good as well, it captures his mindset so perfectly. Have you read The Perks of Being a Wallflower? It's somewhat in the same vein as Catcher in the Rye. If not, you should pick it up.

    And you're a German major? That's really neat, I love German.
    We kicked out Xaldin, and then Xemnas XD; so edit that into the thread when you get back, mmkay?
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