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  • GG. That was quite a match. I need to back out to set up my other team real quick though.
    Yea. Well i am on today and I probably will stay on for while but if not i'll try to be on tomorrow at like 12 or so. EST
    I prefer single battles and yea i dont use legendaries so we should be good. I'll add you now.
    True, given the fact that many of the threads we post in used to be classified as "Religious Discussion," references to the Bible would seem to make sense. However, in my experience, the overwhelming majority of people who explicitly and specifically reference a religious text (the Bible, the Quran, etc) do so to support a specific religious interpretation or argument, which I generally try to avoid. But I do end up referencing and quoting the Bible a lot.
    Oops, you caught me. I totally forgot I posted that--I still love the video Nyangoro posted that I was responding to though. That's what got me started on Idea Channel in the first place.

    Your post in Why do bad things happen to good people was well thought out and honest, and I remember using one of your comments in the Illuminati/conspiracy thread as a launching point for my own post. I can't recall immediately where else I've seen you post in Intel.

    I was thinking recently, spurred in part by your own comment earlier, about what off-forum sources I most often reference and link on the forums. First would almost certainly have to be Is God a Taoist; second is a bit more surprising, but would probably be the Bible. After that, I use a wide number of references, from Weil's essay to a favorite novel of mine. Are there sources you reference frequently on the forums?
    I can appreciate that feeling. It used to be that I couldn't stand reading any posts I'd written more than a year prior. These last few years have been a little better--I can go back to 2010 now and still read posts that I don't cringe at. Of course maybe that just means I haven't improved in the last four years.

    Hitler reacting to Eva Rebuild... I've seen that video, but I don't think I've ever posted it on the forums. Certainly not today at least.
    Haha, I suppose that's a nice way to put it. Yes, I remember reading some of your posts in Intel--I'm glad for the opportunity to know you better!
    Haha, I do! Apparently it's had a lot of influence on how I think of religious questions.
    Not really, I've been just practicing and learning. I wouldn't say I'm very good, though. I can make my own tileset and icons but I find character sprites to be very difficult.
    You know how superman`s birth name is Kal-EL and his father`s name is Jor-EL. The house of EL is superman`s kryptonian family. Everyone in his family shares the surname EL.
    I wouldn't be surprised if they released a new Rpg maker in a year or two. They've been releasing a new one every few years and they don't have a reason to stop. I just hope the next one will have a 16:9 aspect ratio. I never released any games but I do work on projects. I also like to do some pixel art for my projects and some event systems.
    Can you link me to that Antar? I'm just curious. I've been using Rpg Maker for several years now. I used to use RM2003 (but I think xp was out already), then I moved on to XP, and then when VX came out, I got that, and now VX Ace. I can't wait for the next one :p
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