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  • Nope, sorry, I'm not a mod. My avatar is actually a recolor from the original VX, too. Though it's really nice to see fellow Rpg Makerers :p

    Here's my other avatar that I used to use, I just edited in the elven ears:

    Well, there's a total of 21 worlds right now. 4 are introduction levels (aka like Destiny Islands) and 1 is a HUB-world where you return to everytime you've finished a Disney world so, in other words, 16 Disney levels. I can't say for sure how long each of them will take but if we can do everything we want, you'll have a pretty lengthy game.
    About 5 members are currently active but I'll be trying to recruit new people during the summer vacation. This will never be a commercial game because it's Kingdom Hearts. SE would sue our ass haha.

    Thanks, man! Appreciate the kind words! :). I'd say development would take like a year or 2, if we keep up our current pace. I'm not entirely sure, though, because it really depends on how many people we can get on board so, yeah. That's cool, man, you're always welcome to join! :)
    A lot can be done with Unity, it's a 3D-engine at heart but you can make 2D games with it as well (which we are doing). We've been planning on using it since the very beginning (so around 3-4 years). We've only started demo'ing a couple of months ago, though.

    Right now, we're doing many things. One person is already making small demos. Our character can already attack (normal attacks), wall jump, jump, move and crouch (though, we still don't have the right animations for some of them) so the foundation has been laid out in terms of gameplay. Of course, the sprite we're using is something we made randomly and won't be used in the actual game. These demos are made to test things so that we already have a foundation when we have more assets further down the road. We've also started working on the artstyle and developed, what could be, how the sprites will look in the game. They're not really pixel-y right now, though. They're actually quite detailed (a la Kingdom Hearts Chi) but we haven't implemented these sprites yet so, depending on how difficult they are to animate, we'll "degrade" them appropriately.

    Aside from those things, we're also trying to think of how we'll approach cutscenes. For now, it'll be something along the lines of the Persona games and Kingdom Hearts CoM, where you have the character art conveying the emotions of the characters and the sprites in the back play out the scene. But this is all still pretty rough so I'm sure it'll change as we continue development.

    Of course, this is just us making these things. With the number of peopel we have now, we're not able to do everything for the game ourselves so we still need more people on board to be able to finish this project :)
    Hmm maybe Lightning will have a lot more interactions with the deities in LRFFXIII. I've always thought it was strange when FFXIII introduced a lot of content concerning it but they didn't seem to "appear" throughout the game. However they did gradually incorporated them more closely in XIII2. It's also weird how Lumina and the others directly use the word "God" instead of their names.
    I do prefer XIII-2's story over XIII. I probably can't buy Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII at day one but probably once the price drops I will consider it. 60 dollars at launch is a little daunting for me. There are a lot of games coming out this year so I need to minimize my choices for the moment. So far I'm mostly considering Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Pokemon X for sure.
    I've been pretty busy. It looks like I'll mostly have two characters finished for KH 1.5 ReMIX.
    Yeah I haven't started working on it yet. I'll try to get to it though. It's the Riku fanart right?
    I do have a fanart that's coming along in progress but it's still in the lineart stages.
    Films are notorious for it now. I'd definitely recommend at least fast forwarding through credits.
    Always, always wait until after the credits. It's becoming very common to keep important scenes for after, to encourage the audience to actually stay and watch.
    At the end of 2.22 Kaworu throws the lance into Unit 01 so yeah it was him.

    It doesn't need to be extensive. They could easily answer a lot of questions in 5-10 minutes.
    Why not? Lol. Well, I'm hoping that 4.0 has some flashbacks or something that will help cover the 14 year gap now that Shinji is going to meet back up with everyone and is with Asuka.
    Those scenes are from the "preview" for 3.0, at the end of 2.22. None of those really happen in film, except for the Asuka scenes. Right now it's being theorized that all of those things happened during the 14 year time skip, which would fit in with Mark 06 descending on Central Dogma (since the Unit is in Central Dogma in 3.33), etc.
    Ahh I see I hope everything works out for you. How is everything over there?
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