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  • Mashallah, you look very beautiful.

    I hope you are doing well with your decision. I look forward to speaking with you.
    Oh with like the genitalia mutilation? Is that what you are referring to or something else. I'd personally say never Shia because what they do/think is not really based off of Muhammad's teachings, or its similar to like how some Buddhists pray to other Buddhas when Siddartha himself spoke against such things, things of which he considered non sense and superstitious.
    Some Sunni or some Shia were you thinking? I think Sunni is the more dominant in the uk right, well the world actually.
    please help
    catching fire, mockingjay
    i'm reading through them too fast
    i dont want them to end they're just too effing good :C
    have you ever read any of k-sex's stuff? its genius elle knows i think she has most of his most memorable quotes written down for reference (for life, obv)
    The new arrival (Zack, but the name might change and suggestions are appreciated since I typically suck at thinking of names. The name needs to be normal and widespread though, for plot related reasons) is indeed he protagonist, but he's a bit bewildered at his situation you see. His power, by the way, is regeneration. In my story dead people in the afterlife (regardless which part) act like the living in the world of the living. They can be hurt and need time to heal and can even die again (which effectively erases them in a sense)
    The idea is that when somehing ends up on the wrong side, a living in the afterlife or a dead one in our world, the universe picks up on that as an error and grants that being immortality until it finds it way back. Ghosts and other undead have their various powers like you know them from most myths while the living feel almost no pain and heal like a supercharged Wolverine. (there's a sequence where Zack ends up in a dragons' stomach and reconstitutes too fast to be properly digested. The story also involves quite some comedy, mostly on the dark side)

    Anywhoo, Zack is the protagonist but he doesn't quite drive the rebellion (at least not in the beginning). The rebels (who only form because of his appearance) want to use him as a symbol since Lucifer fears him a bit (because all of his torture methods and powers can't hurt or destroy him, even if Zack is, strengthwise, inferior to him). Zack does agree with the rebellion, though he doesn't have much faith yet. The rebels consist of both (privileged) demons and humans who want to change Hell for the better (it's full of innocents, almost everyone ends up there regardless of their previous lives)

    Lucifer will be charming, but prone to fits of rage when things go wrong too much (like in beginning Lucifer already has Zack because he was supposed to be sentenced and such, but he escaped because no one was paying enough attention or even bothered to restrain Zack). The idea is that he doesn't really like torturing innocents, but he believes it serves a cause that's of utmost importance and will stop at nothing to fullfill it. He used to be different and rebelled against God (as per tradition) out of his beliefs. But exactly what caused him to change his mind will only be revealed later on. Before you think God in this story is evil though, he isn't. He's a bit petty at times (or at least used to be) and somewhat arrogant but his opinions on the whole matter are similar to that of Satan.

    As for the three part story: the first part is about the conquest of Hell. The second takes place sometime later and pretty much deals with the inevitable fallout of the actions of the first part alongside the still ongoing mystery of how Zack ended up in the Afterlife in the first place. It will involve both Heaven and Earth in the story. The final part involves the universe as a whole and goes into detail about why most everyone ended up suffering in Hell before Zack came and will show why changing that may have been wrong.

    Like I said, this story has been evolving in my head for over 10 years, so I know about the necessity of planning ;) I think that before I write another page, I'm going to make (as in type, since I keep most things already in my head) a timeline of events that will happen.

    I gotta admit though, some of the roles, characterizations and ideas turned out similar to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. (when I hadn't even seen that yet) -_-

    I'll keep that in mind for the next time ;) And good. I hate people that act like that. There's been a person here (who I'll not name) who can't take criticism at all. When I get faced with criticism I look back at my work and ask myself whether I agree. If the critic has a good point, changes might be in order.

    So wow. Wall of text. o_O didn't notice I got carried away like that.
    OMG IMMA BRO NOW!!! THAT, LIKE, NEVER HAPPENS (dammit gotta play it cool)

    Going to read another tomorrow. But I'm kind of curious. What did you think of my story idea (I need feedback on whether people find the idea interesting) T
    know who my favourite author is? king sora x he also goes by the name "k-sex" for obvious reasons
    Just read the first chapter. I like it. :3 It's written well imo, and the concept is interesting in itself. Have the hero become thrown back in time were he is in the perfect position to manipulate events.
    (and I'm pretty sure I even learned a couple of english words of which I wasn't sure about the spelling, so there's another thank you for that)
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