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  • I hope there'll be no unnecessary conflict between the two of you :< you both surely deserve peaceful times, or well at least I know you sure want your own peace at least, I hope you'll get it soon :<

    Congrats, that is indeed good news if that is what you also wanted, I'm glad for you :D
    hey there~
    I'm currently still in summer vacation (till october) and I enjoy it a lot. Two days ago I finished Dark Souls 1 and it was an amazing game experience, I loved it, glad I got the game.
    How about ya? What do you mean with "stay out of the way for now" :< ? everything ok?
    Things are good, finally good! Finished art uni, applied for philosophy master degree (entry exams are still ongoing), and I'm slowly returning to all my online accounts I abandoned since June OTL
    how about ya?
    that's good to hear~

    when exactly is E3 this year? I swear I am so out of the loop, I don't know what happened, what happens and what will happen OTL

    There's an ocean of things to do and work on, and the time is rather short, but still I manage
    it's getting more exhausting though. One more month will be this busy
    and how are ya?
    OTL that reminds me I still didn't check out the series, but I guess when vacation arrives I'll have time for gaming stuff once again

    Hello there!! long time no chat, I apologize, uni life needs me these months OTL
    I'm pretty good, things advance smoothly towards graduating art uni, and I plan future things regarding philosophy studies. How about ya?~
    Miao~~ Hello there! sorry for the late reply OTL I am pretty busy with uni, but everything is going great and I really enjoy it, I'm thrilled for all the new things to come @ philosophy, and working on my art license also progresses smoothly

    Oh dear, back then I read all the useful 3DS info you shared and I am honestly so thankful T w T really, especially since I am suspicious that my 3DS battery loses power way too fast already... thanks again for that <3
    So now the sweet thing is finally solved! That's a relief! I'm so glad T w T so what are your plans now?~
    Gosh, the trailer gave me more than I expected!! with showing Vanitas there and the background music being his orchestra ver. theme <3
    though I gotta admit seeing gameplay of KH3 doesn't excite me anymore. I am sure it will excite me when I'll be playing the game itself, but as of now, I grew pretty uninterested. Or should I say I am already interested enough lol ?
    What happened to the old 3DS battery? I fear that one day my beautiful red 3DS XL will be damaged or that it will lose battery power too quickly so if I could prevent anything that would save me some real tears ; o ;

    hello there!~ I'm fine, thank you, I've been doing great over here at the philosophy uni, I have such a nice time here with these people ; w ;
    and how are ya?~
    Miao~ uwu welp, things are going good, I'm slowly taking every task one by one and work is getting done. This aside, I'm also quite good, when I make some pauses I either dive into science texts, play Super Mario World or watch an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion one at a time <3
    Today I helped a friend buy a guitar and her face was simply adorable when she felt the guitar in her hands, I bet she almost shed a tear xD
    how aboutcha?
    miao~ u w u
    hey there, I'm alright, studying for coming exams, and also waiting for Christmas (it's tomorrow for me)
    Hey there~~~ = ^ w ^ =
    I'm fine, trying to get more work done, preparing for New Years (and Christmas on the 6th), playing with my dog~
    how were the holidays for ya? ^^
    heheheh it's fine! xD thank you lots, my friend! I embrace you virtually, tho irl I'm still pretty sick (I had almost two weeks of this cold! ahhhh it's enough ; w ; )
    (replying to both messages o w o ;;; )

    I know the feeling of having no power at house for days, happens back at home (countryside, village life, yes, some of the big storms causes electricity to wave goodbye to us), so I'm glad this got fixed in the meanwhile ; w ;
    Speaking of computer cleaning, I need to get that done sometime soon as well...

    Everything fine here, had a lovely day full of medieval philosophy, taught a friend to play chess and had delicious cherry pie <3
    miao~ u w u

    well, I am trying to stay determined to finish as many projects as I can in these two weeks
    and by as many as possible I mean all of them
    I feel lack of motivation tho and it's not ok OTL
    and how about ya?~
    miao~~~ <3 <3 <3

    Things are fine, after being home for some days, playing Dark Souls, being away, preparing and posting my, Fudge's and Voido's art trade, I started working on my uni projects again, though it's less fun, I suppose I'll get more things done... while checking out this band, "How To Destroy Angels", basically the band of the wife of the singer from Nine Inch Nails, and I love Nine Inch Nails xD
    be sure to have a look at the art trade ; w ; it evolved into something sansational!!
    and how are you? ~
    Sorry that I didnt reply
    I was on mobile only yesterday and today too (am enjoying time at home) and it's really a pain to surf the web on mobile for me (even though it works well)
    :'< I will check more carefully on laptop tomorrow
    And I started playing Dark Souls so I am keeping myself busy heheh
    My entire schedule for the week changed so I allowed myself to go home for 4 days and relax, games and books it will be
    I am playing a bit of FFXV before I start Dark Souls >:'D
    How about ya?
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