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    Sora in Best 100 Video Game Heroes!

    Our Sora made number 47 in Gamesradar's list of 100 gaming heroes 100 best heroes in video games | GamesRadar
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    Gamesradar's week of Disney

    Hey, i haven't posted in a long time cuz im waiting for the hype to go away so my threads on old games wont be forgotten as quickly. Anyway, i don't kno if you know this, but Gamesradar is having a week of Disney, and it's said that it's basically a week of Kingdom Hearts They have some...
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    this is like one of my old threads http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-2/111651-what-can-kill-heartless.html i think the keyblade is the only thing that "truly" releases hearts -METALMANMAC1
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    With the five of Us... I mean six of us...

    ahahah this was my thread before... http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-2/109287-6-us.html we never really DID decide who the sixth person was...look at me thread. anyways, i always thought it was Roxas -METALMANMAC1
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    Deleted scene?

    where can i see this early trailer? i wana see that scene. -METALMANMAC1
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    358/2 days

    I'm waiting i Want the English version or I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy and understand it. -METALMANMAC1
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    2 olympus colesium questions

    equip the keyblade u get after beating seph, then turn of plus combo's and equip negative combo's doing that helped me. -METALMANMAC1
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    Kingdom Hearts

    i never fully understood "kingdom hearts" either. It doesn't really make sense...WHY was there heartless and nobodys inside kingdom hearts? I posted a thread asking something similar...didn't get much help... -METALMANMAC1
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    Sora- xion link

    welcome to KHI! -METALMANMAC1
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    roxas+venn wristband

    nothing i can add to this, all I wanted to say is that Roxas has black outlines while Ven has white. but someone beat me to sayin dat. and u know theres a quote button right? -METALMANMAC1
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    BBS Keyblade Question

    well, in KH1 the keyblade just POP appeared without any light (If I'm not mistaken) so i think how the keyblades appear is a subject to change... -METALMANMAC1
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    Who´s the strongest?

    well i haven't fought any of the data battles cuz i don't have KH2FM+ but...i would assume Marluxia and Xemnas would be hard...right? -METALMANMAC1
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    How come only in Japan?

    cuz the Japanese are selfish people. why can't they just give us the KH1FM and KH2FM, and then were all equal, then keep future games equal to!!! URRG i want the final mixes... -METALMANMAC1
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    Console Packages

    a bundle would be cool! because i want the new DSI with 358/2 days and a need a PSP with BBS i hope they make a bundle pack. -METALMANMAC1
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    Birth by sleep trailer

    i think it was Riku in 358/2 days like everyone else said, but I'm not sure if it was in his Xehanort form -METALMANMAC1