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  • Oh yes, if you have the opportunity, you should! Once you're working, you'll find it hard to travel even though you've saved enough momey because there simply is so little time.
    Trip's been great! I went to various places of interest such as Times Square (did that right after checking in at the hotel. It was around, like, 11am and only 20 degrees and I got completely shocked by the cold), Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Met Museum, and others. I have to leave for Orlando tomorrow first thing in the morning, though... but I had fun here. :)
    Will do. Thanks for the heads-up; hopefully that coat will serve me well during my stay. :p
    You're welcome. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask! :)

    By the way, you live in NY? I'll be visiting NYC from the 29th of this month to 2nd of the next. I hope the city is really as great as people say it is. :D
    By the way, Poliwhirl evolves in trading only when holding King's Rock. XD If you want to evolve it into Poliwrath, you only need a Water Stone.
    Hey Roxas. How's it going?

    Out of curiosity, I checked out your piano videos and I have to say they're beautiful! I particularly love your cover of Can You Feel the Love Tonight. The Lion King is my favourite animated film (ever), too, and its songs are just downright captivating.

    You've certainly got what it takes in you to be a good piano player. Please keep up the great job. :D
    Yea im doing ok too , like u said i have trouble with school at the moment so not doing rlly great . but anyway glad ur alright :)
    Which GBC emulator is it that you're talking about? I can't find anything on the one you mentioned in the thread.
    Oooo trumpet? That was my first instrument, been playing that thing for like ten years.

    And no problem man :D
    Hey man, with all of our talking about music and stuff on that thread, I figured I would try to help you out a bit.

    This place usually has a lot of sales every week and is a perfect place to buy instruments

    Musician's Friend: Musical Instruments Store

    I know this for a fact as it's where I've bought a ton of my music stuff. As for what you said about the bass, believe it or not, as long as you have some sort of inner rhythm, you can learn the basics of it so easily. I was actually able to learn the song Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria and pretty much master it within my first week. It just takes some endurance practice which you can do bit by bit everyday or several times a week.

    Judging by what I saw on your YouTube channel (I decided to check it out yesterday) I know you could learn the bass. You are a good musician my man, and I mean that.
    I just looked at your user title...

    "We don't care who sees
    Livin' young, wild and free"
    Spent the last ten minutes of my life listening to your sig x'D
    That would've been lovely audio~
    *rolls away*
    Kicking ass on SSBB, you know...the usual. XD

    Been playing KH2 for the first time. I was just never able to play life kept getting in the way, plus I didnt have the money to be able to buy it.

    Just got me a job last week, and Ive been working overtime everyday since Thanksgiving break until today.
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