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    Wow.. Well luckily I like my username just fine. lol
    Thanks! Everythings perfect. I'm glad to just have one account again. Too bad most of the original friends I had don't exactly come on often anymore if at all.. It's actually kind of depressing... I'm just not sure which way it's directed..Them or me...lol
    Also, I just noticed this- Very cool saying under your name "Time will last forever" nice. How do you change the wording? Or do you have to be a higher member to?
    I know!! It (In my opinion) took the entire KH fanbase in the west to convince Square in the first place to send us KH Recoded!! It's frustrating...
    Thank you! Sent the message =)
    Will all of the friends and messages that built up over the accounts also be transferred to my main one? Like yourself for instance- I don't think your on my original- Will you be transferred over too|?
    That's awesome! So how do I get this done? I'd like to just merge them all and have it as my original account back in 2009. So I'd that accounts username and that accounts join date. lol
    So do I message you the account names and ect..?
    lol On a side note I'm still waiting for KHchi. I got a JPN yahoo account but I'm not sure if I'd even be able to play it in Japanese. =P
    No worries. I've been fine. Just studying mostly. I was having a fun summer that's over now...>.>
    Also, I was wondering- I was told this by another site staff member- 'Account Merging'? I'm interested in that- How does that work? I have four accounts- Long story but don't worry, I've never ever been banned on any of them- Anyway how does the magic merging thing work? Let's say I had this account and another from 2010- would I be able to choose out of the two which account username and join date would be the one to take over in the merging or..? lol My friend said it was simple but it sounds confusing.
    Hiya Sign. I thought I sent you a message a while ago. Anyway how are you doing?
    Hello, Sign. :3 I don't remember if we actually talked to each other or not, so I think it's best to say hello. :3
    Sorry I meant thread, my mistake XD. But yeah I posted last in the avatar thread, so I was hoping you could post it for me. Its for anyone who wants to know what happens in the search part 3.
    Yeah, true enough. Imagine how much more active I could be with one.*u* And ok. Have they done the thing that connects it with the rest of the games yet? :3
    KH X sounds like loads of fun! Wish it would come statewide. And that I had a computer to play it. XD
    Heh, nah. Told Ethy as well, I expected you guys to make an official thread anyways. Made mine to let you know, basically ;D
    Well, at least you're doing alright. ^^ Yeah, that's understandable. I can't help but get excited for anything KH-related lol. Even if they showed nothing, I hardly get dissappointed anyway. All that means is that we would have to wait a little longer, and waiting is something I'm used to lol.
    No kidding. XD I have to find random WiFi spots in order to come online. How goes life? Cool, I wonder if they'll reveal 2.5 or something with 3? :3
    Hi Sign, how've you been? :D TGS is right around the corner, right? *hasn't been on a whole lot for a while*
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