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  • Hey sign. Guess what I found. I would post it myself, but I was the last person to post on the avatar thread i and don't want to get in trouble for double posting

    'The Legend of Korra' Book 2 Premiere Date Revealed! [Exclusive Video] | Yahoo! TV - Yahoo! TV
    I just tried to change the title of another thread I started for fun and it worked. Could it have to do with the fact that the OP in that thread has already so many links (each chapter has one after all)?
    I'll try that one, although double-clicking so far had only always opened the thread for me instead of allowing to change the title. Maybe I'm just always double-clicking at the wrong space...<__<
    I don't know if you're the right address for forum issues, but it seems I cannot change the title of my own threads anymore. I edited the very first post of my story-thread to say that chapter 46 got posted, but the thread title still says chapter 45.

    Are there any changes to that? Cuz I remember that by editing the title of the OP you could also change the title of the entire thread.
    Going to buy some dinner for my family, then I'll dwelve into my daily routine under this hellheat over here in the tropic. :v
    Ah, I see... Thanks for clearing the problem and glad I could be of help. :]

    So how are things on your end of the world, Sign?
    Hahahaha yeah that is indeed smarter. But some people there don't know the forums i think and they may know what is going on. And for the guys who can't Japanese it seems a bit nicer to inform them too if they don't know the forum.
    Hey Sign,

    I was wondering where I go to get an award for having KH3D? Can I upload a picture of it through imgur as proof or do you send it through e-mail? :3
    Hiya! You, Guard, and Master Spockanort seem to be all over the place! I appreciate your opinions and advice! Here's to KHI!
    Ok, I just thought that since the question was answered it'd be ok
    thanks :3
    Is there a reason this thread is still open? Pretty sure we've come to the conclusion that Aqua (and the rest of TAV, probably) will be the same age in KH3.
    i fear that dream might be quickly ending, what with tomb raider being more recent than sleeping dogs and no dlc for it since march
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