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  • Hung out with a friend. We watched Castle in the Sky. We also cracked jokes on it while we were watching it. I love the movie to bits, but some times.... :)
    You fixed it! Thanks! =D Wish I could repay help somehow.

    Was there something wrong in that profile option I see above my vm page now or something? (since you mentioned a profile picture button)
    D: The irk in the image is that great!?

    I upload them directly from my computer cause I've never been able to get the linking to work right, plus I dont have a photobucket account. I upload images through imgur when I post them.
    I'm not sure, I know their the smallest because they worked when I was premium/silver so they won't be no larger than the limit for silver.
    (╯゜-゜)╯Not sure which staff to ask so I'll ask you~ 8D but my avies that have transparent backgrounds no longer show up that way. They all appear with a white background when used as my avie but show the invisible background when I post it as a normal image.

    Would you happen to know why? It started after I got gold membership.
    Thanks, I'll try to add as many as I can. The first night I actually find a few names I recognized but most are in another team. Do you now how to leave a team? Anyone who I look up tonight that is in a team I want to PM asking them if they'd like to join us and if so, tell them how to leave a team ^_^
    Thanks Sign! The Lux Rankings are fixed I think so it should be easy to locate everyone (as long as they are 10,000 and up).
    lol Sure thing...I'll find their usernames on the Masterlist thread and I'll try finding them ;D If they could tell me their rank it would make it easier so that I know straight where to go to ^_^
    A fact I've experienced many times, I think I'll edit it out anyway once I get to that section. o3o
    Why miss Sign, are you following me around?

    Srsly though there is no contempt nor bias (be best to describe it as tired there has been so many lately).
    tbh I hadn't even realized I had done it, old habit and all, and have been trying to keep a watch on myself. I wouldn't describe one of those threads as from the dark ages personally since there were so many more that was worse. Dx *remembersroxas=venthreads*
    On a side note I hadn't even really noticed there are more members either just that there's a lot more posts in the khX section.

    Though I do apologize, want me to go edit it out or have you done did so?
    Alrighty, just wanted to let it be known instead of making a thread about it since the procedure requires the staff to start the thread. ^__^
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