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  • the night is the best to play them..don't have enough day to play video games.. :/
    hehe what's better...i would want a better gaming experience with it... what's more scary then zombies right? :D lol
    haha i see now..you must have wanted it already didn't you? or are you dine with waiting?
    Indeed I am (well half anyway) :3

    And when I first knew you I thought you lived in America lol. Hmm...Indonesia is uh well, actually I live in the city and it's polluted, dirty but it has some nice touches though, I wish I would be able to visit the places of tourism in Indonesia with all those pretty birds, fauna and amazing views but I don't have time since RL/school's always getting in the way D:

    Oh really :D? Cool, I don't know anyone else Indonesian (so far) here and sometimes, I feel like my tongue itches to speak Indonesian with someone XD

    Im half Indo-Chinese (I call it "Chindonese" XD) and the only language I can speak (fluently at least) are English (my dad can speak English and Mandarin/Cantonese) and Indonesian (my mum, she's Indo) and I can't speak Chinese cause my parents/dad never tought me either lol.
    Motion sickness from a video game? Have you played all the KH games?
    Any who, ...I'm bored.
    Lol, its about a forum for a game online on Facebook xD

    Oh I just knew that XD

    Andddd I just knew about that too. And I'm half-blood, half Chinese (well hongkong technically) and half Indonesian living in Indonesia XD

    Can you speak Malaysian?
    No not really. My first guess would be Singapore and then China. Because most of the people I meet online that speak Chinese are from Singapore, don't ask why, that's how my brain works lol xD

    Oh well, I guess so, lousy short-termed memory xD

    Wish I could help but I don't know how to fix things, I know how to break things easily though, I'm such a klutz D:
    It's rare that both my parents leave out of town, a few times though, but I live with a few of my cousins, aunts and uncles so if an AC was leaking, they'd just go call a technician/AC fixer-person to go fix it xD
    maybe you're right, I have a lousy memory after all xD

    I think I remember something about you (can) speaking chinese or something so, singapore came to mind xD
    Nice. I say most of 'em.

    Mine changes. Right now it's Night World. (If I could find the God Fucking book)
    Why? Favorite book?



    Sorry, I have a problem with the 25 character rule. Those seven words above are the 'seven dirty words'. Ya can't say 'em in T.V. or the radio. Or public. Something like that.
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