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  • yeah! i won't exactly be developing super advanced technology to cure cancer but hey ITS THE SAME THING RIGHT.
    is engineering getting any easier? :p
    ME TOO THOUGH. but idk whenever i have something really important to say, something i'm really passionate about getting across to people, it just comes flooding out. i made my youth leader cry when i wrote a sermon a couple years ago for a church camp lol. I THINK THAT'S A GOOD SIGN! but thanks :) i appreciate the support!
    yeeees :3 i think it would be the perfect fit; i love writing and i love religion so maybe i could give good sermons someday.
    i'll just have to get over how self-entitled that sounds x_x
    aw <: it'll be worth it; you'll be super smart by the time you graduate!

    i'm doing okay. i'm definitely in that spot of life where i'm sick of stupid teenagers but i'm too scared to be a confident adult. i'm kind of floundering. but i've been accepted to one of my first choice schools so i have something to look forward to this fall!
    I just wanted to ask you if its a good idea to triple major in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Sound/Audio Engineering. i want to combine my love of music with engineering like making headphones, DAW's, mp3 players, and sound boards
    Oi that dog in your avvy kinda looks like a gloomy Balto from the Balto movie ^^
    Thanks man! Yeah I'd definitely be down for talking over some muldoon's, and I'm glad to hear that it seems that your summer served you well. It's definitely a lot different up here than it is down in College Station, but I've been liking it.

    Also: loving the song in your signature. Gungor really is something else.
    Dogen? Man, I haven't seen you on in quite awhile.

    I guess I wanted to let you know, I'm now "officially" a Longhorn. I know, I know. I just couldn't stay in College Station my whole life, too much maroon for me.

    But, even despite our differences, I think it would be awesome to see you next time I'm back in College Station (I'm guessing you're still over at A&M), if you'd be down. God's definitely did a lot for me over this past summer, and you're one of the people I always wanted to talk with about, well, God. So just let me know if you're interested, I think it would be awesome to meet someone from KHI irl.
    This is actually gonna be sophomore year lol I'm transferring from TxState. But I finished the year with a 3.4 GPA (one class the second semester dropped it -_- ), and I'm hoping to keep it that high or higher. Thanks for the vote of confidence bruh!! Good luck to you as well!!
    Nah, I'm not sure about my major yet. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go ahead and try out the anesthesiology route though. When do y'all start classes again?
    Officially going to Rice University bruh, got the grant I was hoping for. Hopefully I'll be seeing you around the city sometime.
    I also want to start reading and studying the bible again, any ideas where to start?
    (Sorry if I'm being a pest)
    hey, I was just curious as to what you really think of the May 21st prediction. As a Christian I haven't really worried about it, but its nice to hear others opinions and talk about it, but most of the other forum members tend to treat religion as a joke so I tend to avoid that part of the forum in fear of ridicule :/ just wanted to hear your thoughts.
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