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  • It's the color for FF.net staff! I'm on both teams, so I got to choose which color I wanted. I like blue much better!
    Oh alright thanks. I wish they released more info on it though because from what I heard, it sounds really fun. Thanks.
    Thank you~ yeah, I can't wait to sink my teeth into something. I'm depressed since all my work on chapter 6 of the days novel disappeared, and not to mention that, there are weird things in it that I need olivia's help with ;____; and she's busy ;________;
    No way man XD Japanese computers aren't really all that advanced. They run on the same basic operating systems as us, like windows and mac, and they are american companies anyway.

    Her computer is super-tiny, and super crappy apparently XD
    Oh, hello!
    Olivia is doing her best. Since she's living in Japan and doing university over there, I reckon things are pretty busy for her. She had to rely on the really old crappy school computers to do anything because her laptop broke... she bought a new one... then THAT broke... now she's on her third, and finally able to get things under control XD
    We collected a bunch of pics to update the gallery, and we have all the CG scenes of coded translated. Plus more novel stuff.
    Actually, now that I'm back from visiting my family, I'm translating it right now! I'm half-way done. We would have had it finished before, but you know that krexia already had all the other stuff to do!
    Thanks. Not really something I even noticed until I actually saw that my username changed colors.
    hey Radon what's up buttfucker!? wow sorry... that was harsh my bad~ but man seriously... wow... could have just said "no" maybe, i mean a simple please be patient would be nice. maybe a possible answer for a simple question. maybe the word "open" didn't get emphasized enough for you. idk what to tell ya man, but all I'm concerned about is that you don't need to be hashing pointless shit at people for your own public buttfuck pleasure! I have to put up with this idiotic public display bullshit everytime i get online! and it's sad b/c you & half of the others online don't even know half of what you should about Kingdom hearts to begin with anyway! I mean would you know if your mom got gang raped outside of her house last night 10 times and comes home crying and telling you all about it!? Even if she told you everything you'd never forget right!? well you forget what happened the next morning and you think you know the right story and what's going on but you don't! It's when people post up stupid shit like this and other theory crap just so that they feel like they can be right in order to close a fucking thread! no one closes my threads you little teenage bitch! and if I knew where you lived right now it'd be me that fucking rapes and kills your own mother! It's just a game man, and you can ask me anything about the story and I'll answer it from what's in the "game"! Not what's coming out of my own fucking mind! You don't know anything cuz you're a teenage dumbfuck and I pray for your sake that this never happens again. Cuz when it does, you'll never come back to this site boy. don't forget that, b/c you've forgotten too much as it is anyway to bridge retardation. remember that
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