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  • Haha, nope. Cx Just holiday stuff for the most part lol. And having to deal with my younger brother's rebellious teen years... >.<
    LOL. XD I wasn't dead, just busy~ Finally have a means to do stuff on here properly.

    Anything interesting going on? :3
    Gotta put up with something irritating?

    Good luck and have a nice day. XD
    Thanks a lot, I understand why it wasn't allowed, was just unsure of how to ask getting it out there. Thanks for deleting the other post as well. I've noticed that you have this total kick ass signature. I don't think I'm allowed to add pictures to my signature yet. At what # of posts will I need to have the privilege of placing a picture in my signature?
    ChibiHearts accidentally double posted in the smash bros thread and wants the first post deleted.
    Congrats for replying to that post! I had wanted to edit that very same post (the OP) for better viewing and reading experience...

    BUT I GAVE UP. The periods are spaced so far away from each other I don't even know where to break the paragraphs. Geez. XD
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