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  • Life's just fine. Nothing much has changed, save for the fact that Kingdom Hearts isn't all that interesting to me anymore although I'll still play any of the console games that come out, but BBS I won't be getting since I just sold my PSP for money to get more important things.

    werde wohl die nächsten Wochen nicht online kommen können. Das Semester neigt sich dem Ende zu, also habe ich alle Hände voll zu tun : D In drei Wochen fangen meine Sommerferien an, da dürfte es eigentlich klappen.

    Wie ist es dir so ergangen die letzten Monate? Hast du was Besonderes vor in den Ferien?
    I don't think I'll need to tell them anything besides that they should keep it hush hush

    but I think they are smart enough to figure that out for themselves
    Wow. It's been a while. I wasn't on because that old virus thing was keeping me from doing anything on the site. Glad to see they finally fixed it. I doubt I'll be on here very often nowadays. What with my long break from this site, I've barely thought about Kingdom Hearts anymore. Nice talking to you again though.
    actually never mind this would be best done by PM I think
    send me one when you've got some time.

    Wann sind denn deine n?chsten Ferien? Oder wann hast du mal Zeit?
    Dann k?nnen wir ja was vereinbaren : 3
    yeah im using firefox now and it seems to be working fine now. other than that every things been going fine.
    Sure I am. We just get better so I went hard and didn't stop. I'm still a lot more active in the rp section though, even with the shytty decline.
    I didn't really say anything about my looks this time :3 I just had the feeling I would loose the first round and I did :p
    Of course I remember you. I haven't really forgotten anybody whom I've thought was worth it. You've been pretty high on th list for awhile.
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