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  • Thanks for, telling me what its about, Sign. I definitely have time to kill on certain days of the week, so, I'll definitely give it a watch. =D
    Understood. I wasn't trying to annoy anyone; I just hoped people might find what I wrote funny.
    Hi Falchia~ (I just felt like it, haha)

    You know about that thread about Riku's girl if SoKai is happening? Well, I don't mean to be an a**, but something has to be done to it. Based on his replies. the OP doesn't seem to be taking it seriously anymore and it's getting rather... pointless to continue the discussion.

    It's just my observation, though, and I could be wrong. Heck, I hope I am.

    And remember what happened a few hours back? We were just inches away from beating the sub, but time beat us to it. My raise ticket flew away... T_T
    Wait, did I misread that? I must have. Uhm, yeah let me think up some other non-game awards.
    A Link Between Worlds is an obvious choice. Fire Emblem, and the soon to be Super Smash Bros is one to think on.
    Haha, can't we just convince him to leave the work to us? A better question is, I've been here for SEVERAL years now, and I don't remember Sham's rise to power.
    All of me wants to scream "LAAAAAAAAME" right now, but I won't. Is there any particular reason as to why, besides that this is a KH forum first and foremost. I potentially have a compromise that could work. Have a "Gamer" award, that when highlighted says Gamer: Pokemon, or something else. That way it isn't overly obvious. But that sounds easier than it actually is.
    Hey, quick question for yeh! If I could get enough of the peoples around here to be gung ho for a pokemon xy award, would you guys be willing to make one? Honestly, to me, it seems pretty legitimate and fair to have one. I would even push for a MH3U award, but I'm one of like 5 people on here who play it xD
    Omnomnomnom goes the teddy bear green thing with the wizzy helicopter brain on the poor bunny yellow thing thing ouo
    Oh, I see. I wasn't aware of that she hasn't finished the game yet! Thanks for going the extra mile to edit my post, I really appreciate it. :)
    Haha no worries sorry! I was just excited to know about how you did them. Glad to hear you already have those models, guess I don't need to send them to ya. If that's mostly Photoshop I'm highly impressed! Nice job on them for sure!

    Maybe I'll try making them myself in 3D.
    I'd guess that maybe you thought I wouldn't come back, but I'm kinda sad to go by without a response to my pm. Just a simple answer on whether not you did the moogles in 3D models would be good enough, or did you do them in photoshop?
    Hi, is it all right if you'd remove some posts from the Kawaii thread? I don't think they belong there.
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